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"Smart Content" Digital Producer

Video and Motion Graphics, Digital Strategy,
Brand Storytelling, Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design

What is so smart about

There are four elements that can make or break a campaign. My holistic "Smart Content" approach creates the most impact with your audience. 
  • Market: Who is your audience and what do they react to?
  • Psychology: How does your audience communicate and how can we leverage that to create rapport?
  • Storytelling: Why is your audience passionate about your brand and organization?
  • Mastery: What leadership position does your organization hold in the world and does the world know it?

Start thinking about how you can use creative smart content for your campaign strategy

Video and Animated Content

  • Explainer or Landing Page Intro Videos

  • Looping GIFs or Graphics for Social Media Advertising

  • YouTube Series coaching and strategy

Web and Graphic Design

  • Lead-Generating Websites

  • Advocacy Forms and Capture Pages

  • Branding and logo design

  • Email templates and campaigns

Business Development

  • Brand Storytelling and Re-Branding

  • Niche and influencer coaching

  • Digital strategy

Ad Management

  • Ad creation, including strategy, copy and design

  • Social Media Campaign Management

  • Google Adwords Management

Hi, I'm Teighe, your friendly neighborhood digital superhero!

I've helped helped local and regional clients achieve their online business goals through innovative and smart creative content for the last ten years, and work with clients that range from large non-profits, such as the National Endowment for the Arts, to local small businesses and service providers. 

As a certified Neuro-Liguistic Programming Practitioner and Hypnotist, I use my understanding of language and behavioral patterns along with my marketing and creative design savvy to guide my clients to the most effective options to communicate their brand story.

And as a former Digital Design and Animation Professor and current Creative Director, I bring modern psychology together with creative excellence so that you always put your best foot forward in the online world.

Teighe Armour Thorsen

About Teighe



Let's make smarter creative content together!

I'm really excited about smart content and I will love sharing with you ways that you can use smart content to help your business grow.

Call MyMediaPresence at (541) 261-5318  or email me at

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