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What is so smart about
“smart creative content”?

There are four elements that can make or break a campaign. Our Smart Creative Content approach combines them to create the most impact with your audience. So what are the four parts of Creative Smart Content?
  • Market analysis: Who is your real audience and what content and campaigns do they react to?
  • Modern psychology: How does your audience communicate and how can we create rapport?
  • Brand storytelling: Why does your organization matter and what is its personality, its culture?
  • Aesthetic mastery: How are is your organization presenting itself online, to the world?
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Your reputation is key to successful campaigning. Your presentation, your online presence and what you project to the world, must be consistent and support your brand story both in message and in design. Poor execution of artistic direction can kill a campaign, damage a business' reputation, and even confuse your audience.

Have you ever seen...

No one likes being "sold" to something. Incorporating modern psychology from the design to the copy allows us establish rapport before, during, and after the sale or pitch. That's why I consider everything from the psychology behind color signifiers to influential language patterns when it comes to creating rapport with your audience.

Through the...

Market analysis allows us to see who your real audience is, where they hang out online, and what makes them laugh, rage, share and take action. It also helps us to clarify your "real" audience (versus your perceived one) and identify potential new audiences.

Clearly, market research is incredibly important. So, why is it that some organizations mi...

Your brand story is what lends your organization authenticity and the sense of togetherness that creates audience loyalty. It is your brand story that engages your audience to root for you and your success, to follow your updates and achievements, and to become ambassadors of your brand.

Clear, authentic, and compelling brand storytelling is proba...

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Start thinking about how you can use creative smart content for your campaign strategy

Video and Animated Content

Explainer or Landing Page Intro Videos

Looping GIFs or Graphics for Social Media Advertising

YouTube Series coaching and strategy

Web and Graphic Design

Lead-Generating Websites

Advocacy Forms and Capture Pages

Branding and logo design

Email templates and campaigns

Business Development

Brand Storytelling and Re-Branding

Niche and influencer coaching

Digital strategy

Ad Management

Ad creation, including strategy, copy and design

Social Media Campaign Management

Google Adwords Management

The work listed is representative of animations I...

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Examples of Smart Content In Use

The Campaign, Design, and production Process

This first step is all-important. Many digital creative agencies take this part of the process for granted, choosing instead to create content for their clients that appeals to their own sense of humor, aesthetic, or interests, rather than what will actually impact the...

The digital strategy and pre-production phase may look a little different depending on your business' or organization's creative needs, as we cater our process to your unique goals. An individual service provider such as an author or life coach, for example, is going t...

This is one of the most exciting parts of our process for our clients. This is where you see it all our pre-production planning, story-boarding, or wire-frames come together. During this processes I will provide drafts for you to review and provide feedback that we the...

You're nearly there! The Post-Production phase, if we are working with you on video content or graphic design is the fine-tuning period. This is where we make sure your creative content is spotless, communicates the message clearly, and engagees your audience. If we ar...

Congratulations! We've come a long way and now we get to our efforts pay off! Are you excited? During the final phase of the process, we watch the magic happen. If we are running your campaign for you, this is launch day. We may make some small tweaks to the campaign a...

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Hi, I'm Teighe

I've helped helped local and regional clients achieve their online business goals through innovative and smart creative content for the last ten years, and work with clients that range from large non-profits, such as the National Endowment for the Arts, to local small businesses and service providers.


As a certified Neuro-Liguistic Programming Practitioner and Hypnotist, I use my understanding of language and behavioral patterns along with my marketing and creative design savvy to guide my clients to the most effective options to communicate their brand story.

As a former Digital Design and Animation Professor and current Creative Director, I bring modern psychology together with creative excellence so that you always put your best foot forward in the online world.


During a project, you will work directly with me and, if your project needs extra love, my collective of smart content geniuses. Keep scrolling to learn more about Smart Content!

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I'm really excited about smart content and I will love sharing with you ways that you can use smart content to help your business grow.

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