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About Teighe

My Media Presence is your creative and marketing resource.

Hello! My name is Teighe Armour Thorsen and I'm a digital marketing strategist and creative content producer. 

Making digital media content is my jam. It’s both my work and my play. I pour my heart and soul into creating engaging, meaningful videos, graphics, websites, and landing pages for my clients. But amazing content is just not enough to make an impact online anymore.


For years, it pained me to see my clients waste our creativity due to makeshift content marketing and disorganized digital strategy. Sure, the content might get posted to YouTube or on an under-curated social media page, or uploaded somewhere on their website. They might get a few hundred views, or a few thousand, from audiences already built in. But often, my clients’ content would just drift aimlessly into the vast, deep web never to be heard or seen again, like a powerful rocket built without any kind of propulsion system. Sad, right? Poor creative content.

So, I became my own content rescue team. A social media marketing superhero who could both make awesome content and blast it into the social media stratosphere. Since then, my content has helped move massive advocacy campaigns into viral motion and garnered action from social media supporters.


The most satisfying feeling in the world is watching my clients’ businesses and campaigns set off spectacular online fireworks with my help. Now, I get buzzed from creating engaging content, watching audiences skyrocket with proper social media management, and launching successful campaigns to get leads coming and create brand rapport. My favorite feeling in the world is seeing my clients’ small businesses succeed.

I work with...
  • Marketing agencies
  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Influencers
  • Consultants
  • Artists and Authors
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