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Sometimes you know you need creative work but you just don't know what you'll need from month to month. We offer packages starting at three months, with a 5% discount for six month sign-on and 10% discount for 12 month sign-on. Our retainer hours always roll over to the following month so you have an opportunity to use up your hours from the previous month.

Retainer Solutions

The Larva Package

3 - 4 hours @ $115/hour

Good for regular site/capture page maintenance, social media management, single graphic ads, and small requests.

The Worker Bee Package

5 - 19 hours @ $95/hour

Enough time for more involved site enhancements and improvements, social media campaigning, more robust creative content generation, such a multiple ads, looping animated GIFs, or micro explainer videos.

The Queen Bee Package

20 - 39 hours @ $85/hour

Discounted rate, semi-monthly check ins, dedicated project management, great for a few small projects planned throughout the year.

The Whole Damn Hive

40+ hours @ $75/hour

Steeply discounted rate, weekly check ins, dedicated strategy and management, perfect for supporting large or involved projects, monthly animation or video series (for youtube channel or marketing) ongoing relationship development, and opening up opportunities for proactive recommendations.

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