October 1, 2017

Role: Web Designer, Graphic Design, Videographer, Community Manager, Social Media Guru

Client: CityWitches

Keywords: Magic and Modern Psychology

View the site here.

Visit the Instragram here.

About CityWitches in a Tweet Sized Statement:
CityWitches is a nondenominational o...

September 6, 2017

Role: Web Designer

Client: Castle Gate Media

Keywords: Clean and Open

View the site here.

Castle Gate came to me with a problem. Their website was so old that it was no longer accessible through google. With my speedy help, I quicky updated Castle Gate Media's wordpress we...

July 24, 2017

Role: Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Videographer

Client: Washington DC Hypnosis Center

Keywords: Informative and Professional

The Washington DC Hypnosis Center partnered with MyMediaPresence to create a social media campaign that invites new students to sign up for...

July 24, 2017

Role: Designer, Animator, Writer

Agency: 4Site Studios

Client: Waterways Council

Keywords: Informative and Modern

4Site produced a series of entertaining animations to help the Waterways Council publicize the critical benefits its members provide, and to get Congress to fi...

July 24, 2017

Role: Designer, Animator, Writer

Agency: 4Site Studios

Client: Ocean Conservancy

Keywords: Powerful, Alarming, Informative

During my time employed at 4Site Interactive Studios, I designed and created animations for an advocacy form for Ocean Conservancy’s Arctic team. Pl...

July 24, 2017

Role: Designer, Animator, Writer

Agency: 4Site Studios

Keywords: Fun, Engaging, and Whimsical

Final Product: 4Site Studios - Click Here

I developed a complete brand story redesign of 4Site Studios's website in 2016 based off an animation and wireframe I created during my t...

July 15, 2017

The work listed here was created while at 4Site Studios.

Ocean Conservancy Social Media Content

At 4Site Studios I animated a variety of social media motion content in conjunction with Graphic Designer, Tayo Okenfield, over the course of a year. These graphics' metrics r...

July 15, 2017

The work listed is representative of animations I made while at 4Site Studios as well as work I've done through My Media Presence. Many of these served video content for social media campaigns.

July 15, 2017

Representing animations created while working for 4Site Interactive Studios.

Animated intro, lower thirds, text boxes, and call to action for members-only video course

Animated intro, transition, text, and end title for Gala Video, 2017

Animated intro and lower thir...

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