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Phase 3: ​Design and Production

This is one of the most exciting parts of our process for our clients. This is where you see it all our pre-production planning, story-boarding, or wire-frames come together. During this processes I will provide drafts for you to review and provide feedback that we then implement. I use my certified knowledge of behavioral language patterns and visual psychology to express your message in the most impacting way possible.


When I'm working with you on video content, like an explainer video or landing page intro video, this the point where we record or begin animating.

When I'm working with you on graphic design content for your campaigning or branding and rebranding, this is where you get to see initial drafts and designs.

When I'm working with you on webdesign for a lead-generating website or capture page, this is the time you get to see the first the wireframes come to life online.

When I'm working with you on a Social Media Campaign or Google Adwords you may get to experience any or all of the above along with the excitement of seeing what it will look like applied to an ad.

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