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Phase 1: ​Audience and Competitor Research

This first step is all-important. Many digital creative agencies take this part of the process for granted, choosing instead to create content for their clients that appeals to their own sense of humor, aesthetic, or interests, rather than what will actually impact their client's real audience.

I do things a little differently. Because I realize that brand success is based on targeted messaging that draws audiences in in their own digital language, this initial phase is where we figure out what your brand story will be for your campaign purposes, explainer video message, capture page, and more. This is how to engage with your ideal audience in a way that creates rapport with them personally.


During this phase of the project, my team and I evaluate:

  • Your current online presence and market saturation

  • Your established or ideal audience base

  • The audience behaviors of your most similar competitors

  • Trends occurring in your market

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