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Phase 2: ​Digital Strategy and Story-Building

The digital strategy and pre-production phase may look a little different depending on your business' or organization's creative needs, as we cater our process to your unique goals. An individual service provider such as an author or life coach, for example, is going to have a very different strategy than a environmental or human rights non-profit, and they will have different strategic needs than an online shop or law firm.

Because I want to beat out your competition, which is why I only work with one organization or individual in a particular niche and area at time. That means none of my other clients will be in comparative markets with you and our work, whether it is creative and video content or campaign management, will always work directly in your favor. This means the digital strategy that I create with you is always unique to your needs.


Some of the areas I may cover during this process is:

  • Brand storytelling (how we humanize your organization)

  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding for animations or videos

  • Messaging for campaigning

  • Identifying your "Call to Action"

  • Timelines, deliverable, testing goals, and project management topics

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