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Storytelling: Creating Passion

Why is your audience passionate about your brand and organization?

Your brand story is what lends your organization authenticity and the sense of togetherness that creates audience loyalty. It is your brand story that engages your audience to root for you and your success, to follow your updates and achievements, and to become ambassadors of your brand. Clear, authentic, and compelling brand storytelling is probably the most important factor to straighten out before you start campaigning and between you, me, and your next social media post, most brands can't tell their own brand story (at least not briefly). Your brand's story is not just your journey but the culture your brand promotes and the reason your audience follows you.

Part of how we approach Smart Creative Content is by helping you to think about and define your brand story and how it can be applied to your campaign content, whether that takes the form of an explainer video or a full-blown lead generating capture page with social media ads and recorded testimonials. Here are some of the questions we help you answer to discover how to create an authentic brand story that improves trust:

Is it humanizing, does it create rapport, and does it give purpose?

Is it simple? Can you tell your story in thirty seconds? Is it easy to grasp from your online presence?

How does the story connect with your customers or clients?

Why should your audience literally and figuratively "buy in" to your story? Is it compelling?

How will your story get other people to tell your story?

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