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Psychology: Creating Rapport in Marketing

How does your audience communicate and how can we leverage that to create rapport?

No one likes being "sold" to something. Incorporating modern psychology from the design to the copy allows us establish rapport before, during, and after the sale or pitch. That's why I consider everything from the psychology behind color signifiers to influential language patterns when it comes to creating rapport with your audience. Through the use of human behavioral and language models, color psychology, and an understanding of the subconscious mind, we can actually orchestrate a message that impacts your audience on a deeper level. I understand what makes people tick and am certified in both hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming. This background has been a heck of an eye opener when it comes to marketing strategies both in campaign development and creative smart content creation.

Some of the areas I consider when I design animated ads, develop scripts or copy, and create capture pages include the psychology behind using certain images, images of people’s faces, colors, names, people’s desire for belonging, what evokes a gut reaction both culturally and globally, etc.

From larger messaging and sales storytelling right down to which word or color combinations will drive more traffic to your site, capture page, or social media platforms, together, we'll make content that speaks your audience's digital language.

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