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Mastery: Presentation and Reputation

How is your brand showing up in the world?

Your reputation is key to successful campaigning. Your presentation, your online presence and what you project to the world, must be consistent and support your brand story both in message and in design. Poor execution of artistic direction can kill a campaign, damage a business' reputation, and even confuse your audience. Have you ever seen an organization's ad or video but then when you went to their website or social media pages, their online presence felt... Different? Almost as though the content was created for and by a whole other company. Well, if you've done it, someone else probably has too. This is a dilemma many organizations frequently run into in their own marketing campaigns. More often then not, it's because they don't yet have a well defined brand story or haven't researched much about their real audience, so their marketing campaigns are trying too hard to say too many things to too many different kinds of people people. Does this sound a little too close to home?

Take a look at your social media or website for a moment. Ask yourself, is what you are putting out there actually designed to improve your online representation? Is your content and campaign conveying your brand story in a unified, skillful way? Is there any chance someone might look at your online presence and say "They don't seem professional or genuine" or "This doesn't look like anything else they produce."?

Fortunately, clear brand storytelling supports excellent design so that what people see in your campaigns actually fit your organization. People like to get what they see. Let's make sure what they see is the best you have to offer.

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