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Showcase: 4Site Studios Rebrand

Role: Web Designer, Animator, Writer

Agency: 4Site Studios

Keywords: Fun, Engaging, and Whimsical

Final Product: 4Site Studios - Click Here

I developed a complete brand story redesign of 4Site Studios's website in 2016 based off an animation and wireframe I created during my time there. I started with the directive to create something fun, engaging, and whimsical. Our President also asked that it relate in some way back to D.C., referencing our original sight's landing page video, which featured a walk down 14th Street in Columbia Heights, where 4Site is located. So, I created a wireframe of the home page and a landing page animation with DC cityscape that we have continued to use, not just throughout the website but in social media advertising as well. During the original design concept, I developed a motion-first mock-up without limiting myself to what could and could not be done in webdesign. The idea was to promote outside-the-box thinking. We set an internal budget for the website and began narrowing down what could not be done for that price-point.

I was supported by our Graphic Designer, Back End Web Developer, Front End Web Developer, Creative Director, and Digital Strategist, who all collaborated together to produce the final design. We wanted the site to be memorable and so many of the graphic design elements were developed with the intent of creating a "moment of delight". As you can see, my background in motion for advertising heavily impacted the design, and memorable it indeed is!

The redesign was so engaging that I began using our 4Site Robot mascot in a variety of social media advertising campaigns, that I ran for our organization on FaceBook. The robot even influenced the design of an Event Video microsite also designed by me and implemented by the 4Site team. You can see it here (it's pretty cool, take a look!).

I also incorporated our robot into 4Site's portfolio of work which you can see here, featuring all animation and examples by my own design and event video by me and 4Site's President, Heming Nelson.

Here are some more examples of the design project.


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