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Showcase: CityWitches Social Media, Community Management, Video and Graphics, and Wordpress Website

Role: Web Designer, Graphic Design, Videographer, Community Manager, Social Media Guru

Client: CityWitches

Keywords: Magic and Modern Psychology

View the site here.

Visit the Instragram here.

About CityWitches in a Tweet Sized Statement: CityWitches is a nondenominational organization create to support education in spirituality and self development and explore the link between modern psychology and magic. About What I've Done: CityWitches is a personal project of mine, and it's gained so much traction in the last two years that it's worth showcasing. As the founder of CityWitches, I've did everything by hand. Everything. The website, which started on Wix and moved to Wordpress has all custom-made graphics. The Instragram witch grew to nearly 30k followers in a year has all original content and research by me. Our Local Facebook group has recently reached over 300 active community members, and we are continuing to grow organically, at rapid speeds, and all of this is without spending a dime on marketing. The reason this has become so popular without any active marketing is the power of brand storytelling and the perfect pitch. And this is something I love to work with clients on, because the better your story, the clearer your concept, the most organically (and quickly) your audience will flock to you. How Was CityWitches Founded: I’ve spent my life developing, researching, and practicing theories in religion, spirituality, and modern psychology to figure out how they all relate to living a fulfilling and infinitely magical life. I discovered, as I became more and more open about my research and practices, that many other people also feel this same desire to get away from enforced structure and instead, get to the root of spirituality and magic that WORKS. With all the traditions and religions available to people, it can be hard to find something that fits, and even harder to sift through the structural elements of those systems to understand how and why they work, and what factors in when they don't work. Personally, I came to realize just how much modern psychology is fundamental to successful magic… That psychology and spirituality are just two branches of the same tree that bears life-changing fruit, and suffers from being segregated in study and in practice. Trance, for example, is an incredible tool for creating powerful shifts in a person’s life and is induced in everything from ceremonial magic to meditation. So, I became an expert in altered mental states, and eventually certified in hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Likewise, I uncovered the power that words have in ritual practices and in everyday life, and so became certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a coaching technique based on the science of behavioral and language patterns. In 2016, I founded CityWitches with the intent of creating a community of mixed-tradition occultists to share and experience witchcraft with other like-minded witches. A Facebook group started and a tiny instagram account swiftly developed into a huge community of experienced and inexperienced witches, all searching for the answers to how to understand witchcraft both psychologically and magically. This community is also designed to destigmatize the word "witch" and to educate people on how we all have power over our lives if we choose to acknowledge it and to approach it with critical thinking and scientific support as well as experimentation and a willingness to be flexible in our beliefs, no matter what religion or tradition (or none at all!) that we may belong to. Essentially, a witch is a person who creates change inside and out through intangible means, whether that is prayer, the laws of attraction and detachment, altered mental states like trance or dream work, or just having joy in your soul.



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