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Showcase: Waterways Council Video Advocacy Campaign

Role: Designer, Animator, Writer

Agency: 4Site Studios

Client: Waterways Council

Keywords: Informative and Modern

4Site produced a series of entertaining animations to help the Waterways Council publicize the critical benefits its members provide, and to get Congress to fix dams on the Mississippi that are collapsing. I created three different explainer cartoons, each with a unique message targeted at a specific audience. The videos were optimized for the various channels they were distributed on. For Facebook, we embedded captions in the video. 4Site then launched an advertising campaign, testing different messages and targeting strategies to figure out the most effective way to reach our client’s desired audience. When we ran the numbers, the animations out-performed traditional videos by a factor of 2x, receiving over 50k views in the first 48 hours.

Here are a couple of examples of the FaceBook ads as of 7-1-2017.

To see more 4Site’s web development and video work (and my work at 4Site), check out the website at


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